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When Pigs Fly: Episode 1 - Cooking with Chef Jonah Miller

April 16, 2020


Hey Guys!

This is the first episode we are publishing of the beginning of what will hopefully be a web series of recipes done by professional chefs on how to cook with Iberian Pastures Iberico pork products.

Try these recipes at home and make sure to hit up the restaurants we have partnered with to showcase the beauty of this Spanish treasure we are raising in the US.

All our pork is fully pasture raised on the single estate farm in Bluffton, GA White Oak Pastures, eating NON-GMO feed, complies with GAP STEP-4 Wholefoods Program and Savory Institute's Ecological Outcome Verified certifications. You can be sure that not only will you be experience the delicious marbling and umami flavor of our Iberico finished on pecans, peanuts and sunflower, but are also making a conscious decision to support regenerative farming.

Today we are cooking with Chef Jonah Miller, from Huertas NYC preparing 4 different dishes using presa, bacon, fresh chorizo and papada.

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